Auth Labs has built a partnership with PingPu Tech in the space of blockchain technology and digitalization in agriculture.

What has to benefit us through cooperation?

To PingPu Tech,

Auth Labs is a leading global blockchain solution provider with rich experiences, who is not only focused on the digitalization of agriculture but also focuses on other spaces like fin-tech, transportation, travel, automation, etc. Through the cooperation with Auth labs, PingPu has gained the opportunities to serve more companies and institutions in different fields. We share the experience of Blockchain technology with PingPu Tech, help PingPu to provide better service and solutions that acquire the use of blockchain technology such as the assets trading platform, contracts storing, etc. The use of blockchain could also bring more transparency into the governance for rural assets management.

To Auth Labs,

PingPu Tech as a solution provider focused in the agriculture space with years of experience and lots of cases has provided a major amount of helpful advice on the blockchain use cases in the agriculture space, which could help Auth Labs to provide more precise solutions. The rich resources of PingPu tech could also bring more opportunities to Auth Labs.

What can we expect from the cooperation?

Currently, Auth Labs and PingPu tech are working on building a rural ecosystem including product manufacturing monitoring and tracking, agricultural product trading, rural rights management and trading, merchant supporting, greening and organic food producing management, and open API to provide more possibilities in the ecosystem and its governance.



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