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The use case of blockchain in the industrial field has always been a tough problem, blockchain solution providers need to challenge the used-technology market that was established by non-blockchain solution providers for years. To approach that, a much more efficient way has been created by Auth Lab to increase the performance of data transportation and data security supervision.

“We have created a product that combines software with hardware to suit the security needs of our clients in various fields in an authentic way, which also pre-play a role in the further meta-universe.” Said Nathan Tan, the chief security officer of Auth Lab.

Auth Lab Network Retrospective Analysis System

Auth Lab network retrospective analysis system based on original data packet acquisition, analysis and monitoring is deployed in the network to achieve long-term real-time monitoring and analysis capabilities for core business data, and provide more proactive network and business application fault, performance, and security analysis functions. To accomplish the more complete network and business use case monitoring and analysis capabilities, realize the refined analysis of network traffic, display traffic trends and traffic composition, conduct an in-depth analysis of traffic, and large-scale traffic problems quick finding in the emergency traffic and abnormal access behaviors in the use cases or hosts of the data traffic.

Actively supervise and analyze all aspects of important business systems, and generate operational status indicators of business systems by analyzing real-time business access data ( such as network delay, packet loss, session status, and application response efficiency). The product can actively analyze and give early warning for various indicators of abnormality, so as to have the ability to perceive the operation situation of the business system.

In another aspect, our product can efficiently locate the abnormal access situation of important applications, quickly analyze and solve network and application system problems, and conduct a fast and effective analysis of the causes of network failures or operational failures. The product also provides early warning and analysis to avoid the resulting network system paralysis. It also can detect and analyze network attack behavior in time, and provide effective evidence to ensure the security of business application systems.

(Auth Lab is working on integrating the blockchain tech with an internet management and analysis system)

“Combine industrial network security, hardware, and blockchain all together, well using a real product instead of a digital solution; a real product that can be seen, touched, and used, which helped Auth Lab successfully open the local transportation market like metro and electricity space.” Said Jano Law, the chief operating officer of Auth Lab.

Our product can be well used in the rail transit industry, subway, high-speed rail, highway, and electricity systems.

Industrial Security and Blockchain Use Cases

Blockchain Improves Industrial Internet Data Security

The deep integration of blockchain encryption technology, redundant storage and anonymous privacy protection technology with the industrial Internet is conducive to improving the security and reliability of industrial Internet data.

First, through technical means such as hash function, asymmetric encryption, and multi-party consensus verification, it can ensure that the transaction information and industrial data index on the chain are not tampered with, effectively solving the theft and tampering of data files arising from measures, and device security policies that the traditional industrial informatization transmission process caused by the lack of firewall applications and data protection.

Second, the redundant data storage technology based on blockchain is conducive to reducing the risk of partial node damage leading to unrecoverable complete data, effectively solving the problem that the operation, production and maintenance records of traditional industrial equipment are stored in a separate system, and node damage will cause data Missing question.

The third is the anonymous privacy protection technology based on blockchain, which can reduce the business risk caused by the loss of enterprise data.

Equipment Industrial Control Supervision

Based on the industrial Internet platform, the “three dumb” equipment can be promoted to interconnection, but the problem of industrial control supervision of industrial equipment is also accompanied. Traditional centralized protection equipment such as firewalls and gatekeepers and industrial control protection strategies lack an effective interactive verification mechanism and are highly dangerous. Especially for the process industry, once the key control instructions are tampered with, the fault flow will be transmitted to the upstream and downstream of the manufacturing process with the production. Based on blockchain technology, a trusted identification mechanism for industrial control of equipment can be established, which effectively improves the security prevention capability of industrial control of equipment.

For example, the Hualong Xunda tobacco production intelligent management and control platform uses blockchain technology to realize multi-level data security encryption protection such as information management, on-site control, and equipment layer, effectively preventing security identity authentication information and production data files, etc. from being maliciously tampered with. Strengthen the security protection capability of the existing system, improve the security of the overall industrial control system, and ensure the stable operation of the production system.

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